Research & Development Facility

The Dekalin Research & Development department operate in a well-equipped modern laboratory. All new products developed and existing ranges are extensively tested to ensure they are of the highest quality and provide long term durability. The laboratory currently contains the following testing equipment: tensile testing machines, rheometer, climate chambers, salt-spray and gravel-impact equipment along with spray cabins.

laboratory-DEKALIN-dekaspatchel-dekapren-dekaseal-dekasyl-tensile testing machines-product-development-BIG-international-UK

With their extensive expertise in product development the R&D department mainly focus on rubber; resins; PVC; dispersions; butyl’s (liquid and strips) and Silyl modified polymers (MS-Pol) based chemistry. With the continual development of new products and improvements of existing product ranges most products are now available in solvent based, high-solid and water based solutions. The scientists at Dekalin are also highly motivated in delivering more environmentally products that offer increased efficiency when applied.