Health & Safety

At we treat customer safety very seriously and ensure all of our products are clearly labelled with the correct chemical warning hazards and information on safe usage. We also produce and supply all of our products within the guidance and regulations of the current E.U. Laws. Before using any of our products we strongly recommend you read the instructions carefully to avoid any accidents or unexpected results. When chemicals are deemed harmful we also advise on wearing a respirator mask and using our products in well ventilated rooms. If you experience any difficulty in breathing or require medical attention please ask the professionals to contact our technical department who can provide full details on the chemicals used to make our products.


The European Union’s chemical regulation – REACH

The organisation came into effect on the 1st June 2007 and will be fully implemented by the 1st June 2018. The purpose of REACH is to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment, while enhancing competitiveness and innovation. The new regulations should also promote the development of alternative methods for the assessment of hazards in substances. REACH covers substances on their own and in mixtures. The articles are intended to release detailed information regarding substance or mixtures during normal use or if the article contains a substance from the Candidate List, which is a continuously updated list of hazardous substances. B.I.G International completely comply with the requirements of REACH and ensure that customers and suppliers are fully informed about chemicals in our products. B.I.G International products are produced and developed within the EU and do not import chemicals, oils and metals for re-melting from countries outside of the European Union. Chemicals used at B.I.G International facilities in the EU are used according to the guidelines identified by the supplier or manufacturer. B.I.G International are regarded a downstream user in terms of the relationship with REACH.

Reporting any contamination to the Environment Agency

If you have spilt any of the harmful chemical substances in large quantities you may need to contact and report the incident directly to the Environmental Agency via