At Dekalin Direct we are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate information about our products. Our technical team have produced a series of online information articles to provide you with extensive information and advice on how to use our products effectively. This week, Dekalin Direct is delighted to provide in depth information on our Dekaclean Ultra product.

Dekaclean Ultra is as a fast and powerful cleaner and is suitable for many purposes. The cleaner also dries quickly and leaves no residue whilst being suitable for a wide range of surfaces.

What are the main features of Dekaclean Ultra?

One of the very distinctive advantages of Dekaclean Ultra is its fast drying characteristics. It also cleans thoroughly to provide a perfect dry and residue free surface. The product is highly effective whilst being very economical to use.

What applications are most suitable for Dekaclean Ultra?

Dekaclean Ultra is described as a multipurpose powerful cleaner but it is especially useful for cleaning specific areas such as anodised aluminium, steel, copper and brass surfaces, lacquered metals or ceramic coated glass. It is also appropriate for polyester (GRP), ABS, PVC, Polyurethane and PMMA, Polycarbonate surfaces. The product is an excellent solution for removing uncured MS-Polymer based sealants and adhesives from substrates and tools.

How to use Dekaclean Ultra?

The substrates should be firmly rubbed with a clean, lint-free cloth and wetted with Dekaclean Ultra. In cases when the substrate is strongly contaminated repeat this process once more until fully cleaned. We also recommend that you apply any adhesive or sealant to the surface once completely dry.

How to store Dekaclean Ultra?

Our experts recommend that Dekaclean Ultra may be stored for 24 months in a closed (unopened) package. Always store in a dry place at temperatures between + 5°C and +30°C.

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