Discover Dekaclean Ultra

At Dekalin Direct we are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate information about our products. Our technical team have produced a series of online information articles to provide you with extensive information and advice on how to use our products effectively. This week, Dekalin Direct is delighted to provide in depth information […]

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Dekalin Repair Kit – New product launch

Fantastic New Product! Dekalin are proud to offer a first aid kit that can be carried on board your caravan, motorhome or camper for emergency repairs.

Do you need to fix an emergency leak or repair a part while travelling? You don’t have to run to your nearest dealer for small repairs to your motorhome, […]

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Dekalin Stockists

Many people are mistaken that Dekalin products are only for the caravan and motorhome industry. Whilst the brand range has been built on this niche market sector, Dekalin products have a much wider appeal including the automotive, bus, truck, coach, railway and construction industries. With the OEM approved Dekalin product range, many global manufacturers use […]

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